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Air Line Compressors

We wish to inform all our customers, partners and distributors that, even in the midst of the national emergency underway to counter the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19), AIR LINE COMPRESSORS is 100% operational and continues to produce and supply, actively supporting the Italian and global production sector.

compressoreAIR LINE develops, produces and sells portable oilless compressors for all needs and sectors:

  • Automotive:                                                                                        - Air Equipments - compactor end street sweepers - agricultural machinery
  • Industrial
  • laser cutting machinery
  • air suspensions for campers,bus
  • Professional
  • Medical
  • Food

Compressors, at low voltage (12V - 24V DC), as well as at the voltages of the electrical network distribution (115V - 230V-380V AC).

All the models are without lubricant (OILLESS)



Our Compressors are divided in to 2 categories:

-CONTINUOUS - S1:use 100% at constant load to reach thermal equilibrium,with Max work 60' of continuos.

-ALTERNATE CYCLE -S3:use 25% at constant load Max 20' On /20' Off,with cycles equally between working and time Off.


- The duty cycle ,is the duration of the compressor used to about 101 Psi,with temperature 68/77 F°,

expressed a percentage  On time + Off Time.

- All compressors require a rest period sufficient to permit the dissipation of the healt.The Time varies depending on the ambiente temperature.

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Test Compressor with utilization in water.

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