12-24-115-230-380 VOLT

Warranty general conditions

Warranty  general conditions

1-      All compressors are covered by warranty for a period of twelve(12)or (24) months from invoice date.

2-       The warranty is valid only if the machine is running on a normal suitable environment and correctly installed,in well ventilated areas,

not subjected to moisture and dus. Optimal environment with temperatures between 10-25°,if they were higher ,use of cooling fans.

3-      The AIR LINE is responsible the coast of repairing or replacing ,all parts that are defective according to their engineers.

4-      Any warranty work must only be performance by AIR LINE ,is not dismantled or repaired by unauthorized people.

5-      This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, negligence or incorrect or improper installation or use, including installation or use that does not comply with the information contained in the Maintenance Manual.

6-      Excluded from the warranty are the electric components and all the wear and tear.

7 - This warranty does not cover any form of reimbursement for damage caused to persons and objects deriving from the inappropriate use or installed and repair charges and downtime(it’s customer’s duty to safeguard itself from this event).

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